Energy Awareness Days

We promote the following at our Energy Aware days:

  • One to one questions and answers
  • Simple tips on energy savings
  • Interactive modules
  • Energy quizzes (with prizes)
  • What your company is doing to reduce energy costs
  • Showcase energy efficient lighting solutions for business and home
    • Leaflet handout with energy saving information
  • Identify energy saving opportunities
    • EE empowered to raise energy saving ideas
  • Promotional material to communicate energy saving to staff
    • Switch Off campaign
  • Motivating and training staff
    • Many barriers to overcome in energy management are people-related rather than technical issues. Never underestimate the value of encouraging participation and cooperation by staff and management to use energy wisely. Ongoing motivation and education are vital for the success of your energy management system. Raising individual awareness and keeping staff involved in energy management activities generate real benefits.
  • We always welcome your input into the presentation and how the day will be presented.